Customized Services



Thermal Design Optimization

In order to provide better thermal solutions to our customers, we have expanded our R/D team with experienced thermal engineers and advanced wind tunnel and natural convection chamber equipment in October 2009. This skilled R/D team offers full services from concept development to product verification on customers’ demand.

By working closely with customer, our R/D team can optimize customer’s design through integrated engineering to achieve low cost and high performance on their heat sink products.

The services of design optimization include

 Performance Optimization:
Optimizing design parameters such as fin thickness, fin pitch, fin shape, base thickness, choice of material and surface treatment…etc., in order to improve thermal performance of heat sink.

Manufacturability Optimization:
Lowering production cost and elevating quality by carefully reviewing whole production system, from the choices of working process, the arrangement of work flow, to the design of package; every variable is considered during product development process to meet customers’ requirement.

Besides, our comprehensive production facilities and advanced technology guarantee shorter time to market and highest manufacturability.





Thermal Lab.


Our Thermal Laboratory is equipped with most advanced testing instruments. Our wind tunnel is fully complied with AMCA 210 fig. 12/15 specification, and a large natural convection chamber supports thermal test for large industrial heat sinks. Samples will be tested and data gathered for further study and research in order to improve design of heat sink products.

Natural Convection Chamber
Used under natural convection circumstance; it can support heat sink size up to 800*800*400mm (31.5*31.5*15.75”), chamber temperature can be set up freely in order to understand the performance of heat sink under different environment.

Wind Tunnel
Used under forced ventilation environment; it provides stable air flow up to 800 CFM (22.698CMM), and a testing platform can test heat sink with profile up to 300mm*300mm (11.81*11.81”), which is suitable for heat sinks for industrial applications. Parameter setting and testing process are fully automated and controlled by computer, all information regarding heat sink thermal properties, such as power loss, air flow rate, contact pressure, air pressure drop…etc. are gathered automatically.






Thermal Simulation


Our software is one of the most used CFD software in industry Flotherm, to simulate thermal behavior in a system. Flotherm supports thermal simulation from component level to board level to system level, and it can help analyzing heat flow of part/system based on real applications.

Thus we help our customers to gain better understanding about the characteristics of their thermal design at early stage; in this way, time and money are saved, and competitive advantage is created in favor of our customers.

After design is confirmed, We’ll continue to provide further services, such as drawing development, sample making and testing; customers are fully supported by our extensive know-how.







With 20 years of experiance, our engineering team has accumulated abundant experience and know-how in heat sink prototyping; backed up by full series of production equipment, our engineering team will deliver high quality samples on requested time.

In our opinion, prototyping is not just carving out samples, but a process to build solid foundation for future mass production. Engineers in Summit are familiar with quality planning tools such as APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) and PPAP (Production part approval process); issues found during prototyping stage will be examined and reviewed, solutions will be provided in order to reduce risk and guarantee stability of mass production.