ET-536A seriesSMD Power Inductors.

  • Unshielded drum core .
  • Height5.46m/m Max ( 5.97m/m Max for 1.0~10uH )
    ( 5.72m/m Max for 15 ~ 100uH ).
  • Footprint 9.91x13.21m/m Max.
  • Current rating Up to 10A.
  • Inductance range 1.0uH to 2.2mH.

ET-529 series: SMD Shielded Power Inductors.

  • High inductance. High DC current capability.
  • True surface mount design.
  • Tape & Reel packaging standard, 3000pcs per 13" Reel.
  • Magnetically shielded.
  • RoHS compliant component.

ET-49160 seriess Gate Drive Transformers for EP Type.

  • Operating Temperature from -40 to 130
  • Manufactured to UL recognized 155 insulation sysem.
  • Materials meet flammability requirements for UL 94V-0.

ET-52300A seriesAC Line Filters EMI/RFI
Common Mode Choke ( SMD Type )

  • Prevents noise emission, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) & radio frequency interference (RFI).
  • Protects AC side from the effects of switching regulators.
  • Wide range of available inductances and current ratings.

ET-52600 series Surface mount common mode choke.

  • Mechanical configuration A flat top surface mount case with excellent coplanarity of terminals.
  • Operating temperature Range 0 to +150
  • Withstanding voltage 500VAC.
  • Rated RMS current based upon 40 temperature rise from 25 ambient.
  • Maximum power dissipation at 25 0.605 watts.

ET-52700 series Common mode choke for DC line.

  • Idea for dc line and countermeasure against radiation noise.
  • Low height and small size SMD.
  • Excellent frequency characteristics.

ET-52800 series Noise countermeasures common mode choke

  • Use new material for higher impedance under high frequency range noise suppression.
  • This series employs two outer magnetic path limbs design with windings on the center magnetic path limb of double-square shaped closed magnetic circuit ferrite core to reduce leakage flux.
  • Wide range of available inductances and current ratings.

ET-52900 series High Current Inductor

  • Highest inductance with a low number of turns.
  • Lowest DCR, Lower loss.
  • Winding to winding isolation 3000 Vrms for 1 sec.
  • Turn ratio 1 : 1 : 1.

ET-53000 series High Current Inductor

  • Ideal for audio playing systems.
  • Larger ferrite drum can attain a higher Q than other typical SMD coils.
  • This will result in larger inductances, maintain high magnetic saturation for large signals and maintain low distortion of signals.
  • This type also has electromagnetic shielding for low ENI.
  • Base can accommodate up to two internal capacitors.
  • Reflows at 235 ~ 245 ( 5-10 secs max ).

ET-72300C series SMD Current Sense Transformer

  • Low profile - height 4.1 mm max.
  • Designed for automatic pick and place.
  • Operating frequency range 10KHz to 1MHz.
  • Primary rated for 20 Amps AC ms max.
  • Special design av ailable on customer request.