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GerProcessingsCNC Machining

We produce precision parts mainly by the CNC - machining centers, CNC lathes, tapping and grinding machines. The machines and inspection devices we have are below:



 Work Capacities (mm)

 CNC Lathes (-42)


 Bar Material feed: Φ1-Φ42;   part D: Φ40-Φ250;
 Length: 1-500 mm;   Tolerance: + / 0,005 mm

 CNC MachiningCenters (3-Axis)


 Working range (mm): 750x500

 CNC MachiningCenter (4-axis)


 Working range (mm): 750X600

 Saw machines



 Drilling machines



Tapping machines



 Milling machines


 Working range (mm): 800 X 500
 Tolerance: + / 0,005 mm

 OD grinding machine 


 Working range (mm) :8-320
 Tolerance: + / -0,005



 Projector, 3D-Mess-Tool, Lehren und Tester

Locking Part

POM Machining

Steel Plate

Alu Clamping

Heat Sinks

Alu Milling