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ProcessingsPrecision Turning

We produce precision parts mainly by the CNC - machining centers, CNC lathes, tapping and grinding machines. The machines and inspection devices we have are below:



 Work Capacities (mm)

 CNC Lathes (-42)


 Bar Material feed: Φ1-Φ42;   part D: Φ40-Φ250;
 Length: 1-500 mm;   Tolerance: + / 0,005 mm

 CNC MachiningCenters (3-Axis)


 Working range (mm): 750x500

 CNC MachiningCenter (4-axis)


 Working range (mm): 750X600

 Saw machines



 Drilling machines



Tapping machines



 Milling machines


 Working range (mm): 800 X 500
 Tolerance: + / 0,005 mm

 OD grinding machine 


 Working range (mm) :8-320
 Tolerance: + / -0,005



 Projector, 3D-Mess-Tool, Lehren und Taster

Alu Tuning

Stainless Shafts

Stainless Shafts

Flashlight Bodies

Stainless Steel Covers

Alu Red Bushings

Stainless Steel covers

Trapesoidel Nuts

Trapesoidel Nuts

Alu Tuning

Laser Markings

Brass Tuning Parts